My name's Paul Gorman. I work in IT in metro Detroit.

Sometimes I make things — computer utilities, web toys, doodles, zines, tutorials, etc. This page catalogs a selection of those things.

I have a technology blog and a D&D blog, but I don't update them often.

I also post my personal technical notes on this site.

To contact me, email my first name at this domain.

Traveller character generator screenshot

Traveller Character Generator

Traveller is a science fiction pen-and-paper role-playing game, first published in 1977. Character generation in the game is notoriously complex, often referred to as a game in itself ("Traveller solo play"). Generation maps out a character's entire career, and sometimes — even before the first session of play — results in the character's death.

This JavaScript character generator automates the process of character creation. It's a practical aid for playing the game, and writing it helped me learn the game system.

Download the source code from GitHub.

A diagram from the VLAN tutorial

VLAN tutorial

I wrote this tutorial to help a junior colleague get started with virtual local area networks. I've referred back to it myself a couple of times for a refresher on VLAN's.

Screenshot of dice rolling application

Dice rolling app

Sometimes you need to generate random number, but can't roll physical dice. This app is handy for playing pen-and-paper role-playing games.

Download the source code from GitHub.

Magic Swords booklet cover

Magic Swords booklet

The pen-and-paper fantasy role-playing game Swords & Wizardry emulates the very earliest version of the Dungeons & Dragons game rules.

This booklet provides rules to generate unique magical swords. Use it with any fantasy role-playing game.

I'm especially pleased with the illustration I drew for the cover.

Dramatic Structure
circa 2008

Many films share similar dramatics structures. Critics have spilled a lot of ink over the decades trying to reduce the screenplay (and stage play) to an ideal formula. I surveyed some of these analyses, and wrote up my conclusions.

Great Mystery Novels
circa 2006

I compiled this list of the best mystery novels ever written by counting how many times individual novels appeared on multiple best-of lists.

Screenshot of cheatsheet

Vim cheatsheet
circa 2004–

Vim is a modal text editor used by programmers, system administrators, and power users. I made this cheat sheet to remind myself of many of vim's interesting and useful features, slowly adding to it over the years.