The wmii Window Manager

wmii is a tiling window manager for X Window.

wmii takes commands in the form of M-whatever, where M is the mod key on the keyboard (usually the ALT key these days).


N.B.—if you lose a floating window, use M-SPACE to re-focus the floating layer.


Views are basically like virtual desktops. Change between them with M-1, M-2, M-3, etc.

Move a focused window to a different view with M-SHIFT-2 (or whatever number you want to move it to).

View can be named rather than just numbered 0-9. Use M-t.


Move between windows or columns with the vi movement keys (M-hjkl). Reposition windows with M-SHIFT-hjkl. Columns are automatically created when you move a windows to the right or left of an existing column.

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