Presentation Slides from Markdown and Pandoc

Pandoc generates slides from markdown, using any one of several engines to produce HTML or PDF output.

Pandoc breaks the markdown into slides according to several rules. Note that “slide level” is determined by the first header level to be followed by non-header content.

Generate html slides from like:

% pandoc -t revealjs -s -o test.html

(This will render as a simple one-page HTML file, unless we’ve done something like git clone

The valid types options are:

Sample markdown of a slide deck:

% My Slide Deck
% Paul Gorman
% August 2016

# Part I #

## The First thing ##

Remember to include some stuff:

%  dig +noall +answer            15313   IN      A

## A Second slide ##

- A list item
- and another
- Cool


> - Next list item after slide break
> - This is an incremental list
> - Last incremental item

# Part II #

## A Picture ##

![Alt text](


This is a paragraph. Stuff.

. . .

Because of the three dots above, there will be a "pause" before display of this paragraph.


The LaTeX package for slides is Beamer.

Even in our markdown, we may want to add notes using LaTeX markup (which Pandoc will happily ignore):

\note{Tell joke about chicken.}

In our LaTeX preamble:

\setbeameroption{show notes}
\setbeamertemplate{note page}[plain]

We probably want to print the notes output four-up (two slides with two notes pages shrunk to fit).