Linux Desktop Notification

Libnotify implements the Desktop Notification Specification. Libnotify provides the notify-send CLI utility.

# apt-get install libnotify-bin

A notification daemon must be running to actually display notifications. Dunst is a minimal notification daemon suitable for tiling window managers. Notify-OSD is the notification daemon for Ubuntu Unity. Gnome has its own built-in notification daemon.

$ apt-get install dunst

Dunst can be configured with $HOME/.config/dunst/dunstrc. See dunst(1).

Send notifications with notify-send:

--- bava !5171 ~ %  notify-send --urgency=critical "The thing\!"
--- bava !5173 ~ %  notify-send --help
  notify-send [OPTION?] <SUMMARY> [BODY] - create a notification

Help Options:
  -?, --help                        Show help options

Application Options:
  -u, --urgency=LEVEL               Specifies the urgency level (low, normal, critical).
  -t, --expire-time=TIME            Specifies the timeout in milliseconds at which to expire the notification.
  -a, --app-name=APP_NAME           Specifies the app name for the icon
  -i, --icon=ICON[,ICON...]         Specifies an icon filename or stock icon to display.
  -c, --category=TYPE[,TYPE...]     Specifies the notification category.
  -h, --hint=TYPE:NAME:VALUE        Specifies basic extra data to pass. Valid types are int, double, string and byte.
  -v, --version                     Version of the package.