cmus Console Music Player

cmus is a console music player. It uses a lot of vim-like commands, like the movement keys ‘hjkl’, searching like ‘/foo’, and ‘:q’ to quit.


man cmus-tutorial man cmus


Change views with numeric keys 1-7.

  1. Library - artist album tree
  2. Sorted Library - one big list
  3. Playlist - editable/sortable playlist
  4. Queue - tracks next to be played, auto removed after play
  5. Filesystem Browser
  6. Filters - lists user filters
  7. Settings

Common Commands

i                     Jump to currently playing track
x                     Play
v                     Stop
c                     Pause/resume
b                     Play/skip to next track
z                     Play previous track
m                     switch between artist/album/all play mode
[Shift] M             playlist mode (as opposed to a/a/a)
s                     Shuffle/random play
e                     Add selected song to queue
y                     Add selected song to playlist
[Right/left arrow]    Seek 10 seconds back/forward
, .                   Seek 1 minute back/forward
:seek +1:30m          Seek 90 seconds ahead of current position
:seek 1h              Seek to the 1 hour mark (absolute)
:clear                Clears the playlist
[Shift] C             Continue play (stops at end of track if off)
r                     Repeat mode
u                     Update for new files or modified metadata


:filter genre="Jazz"
:filter genre="Jazz"|genre="Blues"
:filter genre!="Classical"
:filter duration<120
:filter genre="Classical"&duration<180
:fact missing-tag

Defining/saving filters:

:fset alac=filename="*.m4a"    Define a filter 
:factiveate filtername         Activate a filter
:filter                        Clears active filter

My Settings

:colorscheme green
:set format_playlist= %-36l %-18%a %3n. %t%= %g %y %d %{codec}
:add ~/Music

cmus auto-saves its settings on exit in ~/.cmus/.