Headphone Recommendations

These are my recommendations at various price points for anyone shopping for headphones. I'm an audiophile and a headphone enthusiast, and I've listed to a lot of cans.

Which headphone is best for you will depend on a number of factors. You should answer these questions for yourself before selecting a headphone:

Of course, it's best to listen before you buy if possible. Also remember that there is some correlation between price and sound quality, but it's not always true; there are definitely bargains and rip-offs in audio. Bose products, for example, are scorned by audiophiles not because they sound terrible in absolute therms but because they cost 3-4 times what products of similar audio quality cost from other manufacturers.

Most of the headphones below need an amp (dedicated headphone amp, or quality receiver) to sound their best. They're probably not worth the money if you'll be using them out of an iPod or sound card.

Over $1000, either the Audeze LCD-2 or the Sennheiser HD800 are highly recommended. I don't own either, but have heard both. The LCD-2 is less of a "wow" headphone than the HD800, but it's a warmer, bassier, and may be more enjoyable for long listening sessions. The HD800 is certainly amazing though.